Allibelle Handbags Launch

Introducing the season's new must-haves

allibelle handbags!

A Warning from the DailyCandy Editorial Department

File under: New handbag line that may be dangerous to your health.

Name: Allibelle

The culprits: Designers Kaley Allison Jacobs and Jessica Belle Maxcy, who craft accessories that incite palpitations.

What to watch for: Excessive coveting caused by convertible cross-body bags (Swingset, Beltway) doubling as ladylike satchels, clutches (Stingray and Mohawk, which can be worn as a wristlet), linen and python market totes, iPad cases, and the form-meets-function Arrowhead bag (pictured).

Additional symptoms: Cases of narcissism may be reported once owners discover the removable compact mirror scored with four interlocked Ls (rather than a gaudy logo). Knotted leather handles and color-blocked exteriors may lead to whiplash-induced neck injuries.

Wear at your own risk.

Available online at allibellenyc.com, $195-$695. DailyCandy readers get 25 percent off their first purchase. Enter code FIRSTORDER into your shopping cart at checkout.

Photo: Courtesy of Allibelle