Pamela Bond Walks You down the Aisle

A grocery list tailored to your skin type

pamela bond!

Milk, eggs, bread — and hemp seeds? Grocery shopping with Pamela Bond isn’t your usual trip to the market.

The skin care expert’s Whole Foods grocery tour ($65 for one hour) is an aisle-by-aisle rundown of foods that feed healthy skin.

Schedule your outing, then meet Bond to discuss concerns as you cruise. A little on the oily side? Stock up on greens. Sensitive skin ablaze? Down a daily shot of aloe vera with a squeeze of lemon. And no matter what your epidermal dilemma, load up on hemp seeds and oil to repair from the inside out.

Bond takes care of your exterior, too, with DIY blender masks. Put blemishes to bed with manuka honey. Add citrus for oily skin, avocado for dry, and milk for sensitive.

After you checkout, grab a bite from the cafeteria and review cooking strategies for a healthier complexion.

Better get glowing.

Pamela Bond (305-663-5775 or skinfitness@pamelabond.com). For more information, go to pamelabond.com.

Photo: Paul Burns / Getty Images