Geared Up: Luv Chicken Booster Seats

For when kids need a lift

love chicken booster!

Knees are for jumping, bending, and skinning — not sitting on to reach the dinner table.

So when traditional boosters no longer cut it (too tight) and little eaters have inches to grow, try a Luv Chicken cushion.

Unlike other booster seats, this comfy pad is fifteen inches wide and designed to cover the entire seat of the chair. Hiking kids up an extra four inches, the cushion puts most 2- to 8-year-olds squarely in front of their plates.

Each lift is upholstered in a coated fabric that makes it easy to wipe away splatters and spills. And the cushions have nonslip bottoms, so they stay put for the entire meal.

Wish we could say the same thing about our kids.

Available at luvchicken.com, $45.

Photo: Courtesy of Luv Chicken