Mom Jeans Version 2.0

Fake Frivolity gives your mom's old jeans new life

fake frivolity jeans!

You and Mom share the same genes. But the same jeans?

Fake Frivolity makes it cool to wear your pants a little too high.

Bearing the tagline “We used to be mom jeans,” the brand sprung up as a result of Eugy Alliegro and Simonett Pereira’s recycled fashion blog, The Goodwill Project. While raiding thrift stores, the friends stumbled upon mountains of belly button-covering denim. With the mom jeans trend on the rise, cutting their bounty into shorts and adding studs, lace, and animal prints just made sense.

Today, the consistently sold-out line (keep checking back) turns the ghosts of mom jeans past into fashion-forward pieces like the dark and lacy Molly Gray or the shiny and studded Summer Shimmer. Each pair is a labor of love, with Alliegro’s mom even weighing in on the designs.

As for the duo’s next effort, look for high-low skirts in bold patterns.

Your mother would approve.

Available at fakefrivolity.com, $60-$80.

Photos: Courtesy of Fake Frivolity