Embellish Your Look with Jewels by Dunn

Take it up a notch with gold bracelets and more

jewels by dunn!

Your Social Calendar Is Full, but You Haven’t a Thing to Wear: a Play in One Act

[Two girls stand together in a walk-in closet.]

Girl 1: So what are you wearing Friday night?

Girl 2: [holds up a dress] I think I’ll jazz up my faithful old LBD.

G1: Easier said than —

G2: [interrupts] Jewels by Dunn. Think stacks of pavé spike bracelets mixed with skulls and arrows, all cast in rose gold.

G1: [admires the charm around Girl 2’s neck] Oh, wow. And this mermaid necklace?

G2: That’s designer Taryn Aronson’s thing. She finds oversize pendants from Tibet, India, Africa, Brazil, and Hong Kong and pairs them with gemstones like agate and crystals for one-of-a-kind pieces. She makes each necklace so you can double it up or wear it long.

G1: Done and Dunn.

Available at Rebel Miami, 6669 Biscayne Boulevard (305-758-2369 or facebook.com/rebel-miami); at dunnwithlove.com, $38-$450.

Photo: Marisa Matluck / Courtesy of Jewels by Dunn

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