We're Tight

Hansel from Basel Kids launches

hansel from basel!

We’ve been tight with Hansel from Basel for a while. And by tight, we mean there’s really only one thing that comes between us and them — and that’s our undies.

Which is why we couldn’t wait to introduce our little’s piggies to Hannah Byun’s playful cotton-blend tights, socks, and leggings.

Using her niece Abigail as a muse, Byun designed a collection for kids that includes leggings with polka dots and faux pockets, tights with pom-poms trailing down the legs, and socks that resemble Mexican wrestlers and strawberries. The imaginative spirit and colorful vibe of the adult line lends itself to the pint-size creations — and goes one step further.

In fact, we wouldn’t be upset to see some kids’ styles make their way into the grown-up collection.

In the meantime, we’ll sit tight.

Available at hanselfrombasel.com, $7.50-$24.

Photo: Courtesy of Hansel from Basel