Piamita and The Webster's Loungy Clothing Line

Slink around town in your jammies

piamita and the webster!

Quick trip to 7-Eleven in pj’s? Nothing to be ashamed of.

Especially now.

Master of loungewear Piamita just launched a line of bedtime-inspired separates, in collaboration with The Webster, meant to be worn in broad daylight.

Former fashion mag journalists Cecilia de Sola (who spent her childhood in Miami) and Karla Martinez designed long- and short-sleeve tops with pink velvet Peter Pan collars. Pair either with the chili-print pants and you’ve got an outfit that’s a snazzy version of what Granddaddy wears for counting sheep.

The look isn’t relegated to just lazing about. Step into heels and head out to dinner or a bar.

Drinking in your jammies?

That’s a good night.

Available at The Webster Miami, 1220 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (305-674-7899 or thewebstermiami.com), $212-$515.

Photo: Courtesy of The Webster Miami

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1220 Collins Ave
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