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DailyCandy: So we hung out with Tom Borden the other day.

Friend: Are you guys dating?

DC: No, but things got a little steamy.

F: Oh, yeah?

DC: He gave us crabs.

[F’s eyes widen.]

DC: We were surprised, too. We just had a casual lunch date. And then we got it on in a truck.

F: Who gets crabs from a truck?!

DC: Everyone can — at least until May. It’s actually a mobile kitchen, built out of an eight-by-twelve trailer. It all started with the Dungeness crab sandwich, poached in butter and served on a toasted torpedo roll with aioli, sea salt, chives, and shaved celery. Sloppy, but in the best way possible.

F: And then?

DC: We went all the way. The whole crab, steamed in heavily salted water, peppercorns, and Bay seasoning. We cracked all afternoon, just blue skies and the sound track of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

F: That sounds unreal.

DC: F’ng delicious.

Poppy’s Crab Shack opens tomorrow. For more information and locations, go to poppyscrabshack.com or follow @poppyscrabshack on Twitter.

Photo: Emilie Duchesne / Getty Images