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Spark Your Senses at R House Restaurant

Your three-in-one nighttime destination

r house!

Your Wynwood plans always turn into walking tours — from exhibit to cafe to bar to food truck. Find a number of reasons to stay put at R House, a restaurant, lounge, and gallery that combines all your neighborhood pursuits.

See how it adds up.

168: seats in the intimate indoor dining room, plus additional seating in the lounge area and terrace.

13: seasons that chef and owner Rocco Carulli previously spent at the helm of Edwige restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

20: canvases from German artist Dietmar Brixy’s Discover series exhibited in architect Omar Moreno’s movable frames.

$25,000: price of the two most expensive pieces on display, “Discover” and “Beyond.”

1: gallery, White Porch Gallery, responsible for curating the art.

4: artists who collaborated on the vibrant murals surrounding the space — Evoca1, Janet Mueller and Eduardo Kobra, and Jade.

8: infusion cocktails, including the R House margarita (jalapeno-infused tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, and pineapple).

3: cuisines represented on the global menu — Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin — of appetizers, entrees, and freshly prepared desserts (think rum custard baked bananas and warm tres leches cake).

½: portion size available for main dishes such as the coffee and chili powder-braised short rib, braised lamb shank, and grilled ahi tuna.

0: reasons to find an after-party.

R House, 2727 Northwest 2nd Avenue (305-576-0240 or rhousewynwood.com).

Photo: Courtesy of R House

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2727 NW 2nd Ave
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