Catwalk of Shame

There’s nothing quite like starting your day by skipping oral hygiene, repeating an outfit, and waving good-bye while issuing a convincing, “I’ll call you later!”

That’s why Rebecca Minkoff has come up with the perfect accessory for the repercussions of her sexy clothing line: the Morning After bag.

Big enough to stash all of your, um, overnight/next-day needs, but boho-chic enough for everyday use, the bag is available in luxe fabrics and colors like silver-trimmed white perforated leather, white distressed leather with pink suede, sea foam-canvas with woven brown leather … the list goes on.

The toteable handles also slip easily over your shoulder, making these carryalls perfect for lugging last night’s disco heels around all day. And they’re so pretty that you may find yourself arranging sleepovers just to rationalize the purchase.

See? Your morning-after style profile is soaring already.

Though we can’t say the same for your reputation.

Available at Satine, 8117 West 3rd Street, between Kilkea Drive and Crescent Heights Boulevard (323-655-2142 or satineboutique.com).