Get the Skinny

The truth? Cheaters sometimes win.

Like the woman who found your secret stash at the F.I.G. Finale and walked away with your prized pair of deeply discounted Sevens.

The best revenge? Dressing well. So get your butt into some Siwy jeans. The new line of slim-fitting denim hugs all the right spots. They come with a vintage cloth label, low waistband, and curved hem to eliminate heel drag.

And because you can choose from multiple designs — like the knee-short Baby, slim cropped Hannah, and drainpipe-skinny Rose — there’s something for everyone.

Proof that life doesn’t always have to be a bitch.

Too bad the same can’t be said about people.

Available at Crimson in the City, 1514 Commerce Street, Downtown (214-655-2811).

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Dallas Power & Light Building
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