Bon Viaggi

Attention, shoppers. For the next fifteen minutes, there will be a special on the following products: chocolate croissants, havaianas, cigars.

Okay, so there’s no staticky mic or bored-out-of-her-gourd employee at Viaggi. But we’ve fallen in love with this little haunt, tucked on the side of the Hotel Victor, because it inspires shopping passion in ways that few retail experiences in Miami could.

Part bistro, part boutique, and all fun, Viaggi makes it possible to fuel up (on things like bite-size sweets and paninis) before you shell out for local wares like jewelry by Citrine by the Stones, Papi undies, and Red Carter bikinis. Also in stock: skin care products, cuff links, handbags, and other goodies.

Plus, the place is open ’til midnight on weekends, so you can pick up any late-night supplies, from scented candles to gourmet chocolates.

Well, almost any: They don’t have hot dogs on a spit.

You’ll have to stop by that other store for those.

Viaggi, 1140 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach (305-674-9170).