Shake ’n’ Bake

It’s 10 p.m. and your sweetie is on the way. Time to whip up a flan.

Oh, just kidding. (You wouldn’t know the ingredients of a flan if they salsa’d on your butt.)

Rather, toss those precut Pillsbury cookies on a baking sheet, slap on some gloss, and tie on one of Elizabeth Scokin’s fun, flirty aprons.

Bettie Page meets Betty Crocker with the line of in-the-kitchen apparel, which features lots of tulle, taffeta, big satin ribbons, and ruffles. They may not give you the ability to cook a Thanksgiving turkey (or a batch of chocolate chip anything), but they will make you feel like the sexy little souffle that you are.

So throw a pinch of flour over your eye, wipe the (pretend) sweat from your brow, and pop those store-bought cookies in the microwave. Because slaving over a hot stove all day is overrated.

Telling your sugar you did, however, is highly encouraged.

Available at Ginger, 3061 Northeast 163 Street, North Miami Beach (305-944-5086). To see styles, go to elizabethscokinproductions.com.