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For someone who’s got it all (beauty, brains, ambition), you’ve really got it all (back pain, stress, fatigue).

That mystery ache in your side? Probably a kidney stone. Or your appendix bursting. Or both.

Help is available at American Apothecary. Just step up to the bar and tell owners Rachel and Miguel what ails you. They won’t pour you a Flaming Dr. Pepper, but they will whip up the perfect remedy — whether it be a cup of specially blended tea or a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand — for whatever your complaint(s) may be.

Stop in to grab that perfect holiday gift, stock up for flu season, or take a bride-to-be for a personalized tea party. (Keep the stress-relieving chamomile coming, please.)

They also sell all-natural cleaning products, which not only smell lovely (everything from oranges to Christmas trees), but are safe for the environment.

Because, unfortunately, as of press time, no remedy was available for those allergic to housework.

American Apothecary, 12538 North Kendall Drive, Kendall (305-598-2822 or americanapothecarykendall.com).

Photo Credit: Nicholas A. Hernandez

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