Wanna Bettie?

Rubble. Boop. White. Page. Apple Brown.

Whether stone-age housewife or stone-cold fox, famous for her eyes or her thighs, spelled “Betty” or “Bettie” (or “Bette”), one thing’s for sure: You’ve never met one you didn’t like.

So we’re pleased to introduce Bettie, the latest hidden treasure in Dania’s antique district.

The quaint boutique, one of ten brightly painted shops surrounding a courtyard, is delightfully cluttered with clothing, handbags, magnets, jewelry, artwork, lotions, and greeting cards — all handmade.

Bettie is the brainchild of three local designers who packed the shop with their own lines (Mamadelic, Dragonfly Crafts, and Ragamufyn), as well as with the goods of practically every other craft-happy chick south of O-Town — Fort Lauderdale-based Lushbox, Homestead’s 75Rabbit, and Miami Beach’s Ciara Loves You — plus national names like Tiny Meat.

So if you’re wondering whether you’ll find something to suit you, rest assured.

You Bettie, you Bettie, you bet.

Bettie, 38 South Federal Highway, Dania (954-924-6547 or shopbettie.com).