Pimp My Bus

Coat checks, subtlety, public transportation.

Just a few things Miami’s not exactly famous for.

But that may well change, thanks to TransFloridian, the newest way to roll in style on a bus (yes, really). The Fort Lauderdale-based luxe motor coach service, with service all over the state, has a fleet of tricked-out buses featuring extra-comfy seating, wireless Internet, and lots of entertainment.

Routes include travel from Key West to Jacksonville and twelve destinations in between; your fare includes soft drinks, snacks, and reruns of classic shows like I Love Lucy, Sex and the City, and The Golden Girls.

Granted, retirement-age party gals aren’t exactly the most original subject for Floridians.

But some things will never change.

TransFloridian (877-246-4786 or transfloridian.com).