Rare, Well Done

Unique. Even when used as a euphemism (like by your parents to describe your new haircut), you take it as a compliment.

But when it comes to funding your fashion habit, you’re just like everyone else: You want to max out your wardrobe, not your credit card.

Rara Avis (which means “unique person”) offers a selection of affordable items: breezy linen shorts and skirts for under $50, sexy party dresses for less than $100, and teeny bikinis you won’t mind getting wet (who wants to swim in Swarovski, anyway?). The boutique also carries handbags, jewelry, undies, sandals, essential oils, and menswear.

Since most of the goods are from local talent and the store will be hosting meet-the-designer parties and fashion shows starting this month, we expect you’ll be there pretty regularly.

After all, rare birds of a feather tend to stick together.

Rara Avis, 730 Northeast 79th Street (305-751-1855).