Feelin’ So Bohemian

Dear Uli,

Good luck tonight! (Bravo, indeed.)

We TiVo Project Runway every week (the roommate insists on watching CSI: NY — he has a thing for Gary Sinise), because we love you. Nina thinks you’re a one-trick pony, but she’s full of crap. Your vibrant, bohemian fabrics; your dresses that dance like a curtain in the ocean breeze; even your name flows freely — Oooh-leee.

Like you tell the judges every week: You live in a tropical climate, a city where people like to have fun. (Who wants to walk down Collins in Jeffrey’s vinyl pants?) Not to pooh-pooh the other designers (if you can call them that).

We’re just proud that you’re our hometown girl — and our homegirl — and we’ll all be cheering you on, wearing our Uli originals, anxious to see what we’ll be buying next.

You already make it work. Now make us proud.


Your biggest fan
President, I Heart Uli Fan Club

P.S. Any chance you could give us a discount?

See the show tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Buy the clothes at Lavish, in the loft at Brownes & Co., 841 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach (305-532-7006).