Sweet Deliverance

There’s something about the month of October that causes otherwise normal adults to regress.

Maybe it’s the sanctioned wearing of costumes. The temporary lift on the orange-and-black color combo ban. And, of course, the seemingly endless supply of sweets.

So, clearly, ’tis the season for an Icebox Cafe delivery. The bakery/restaurant off Lincoln Road — famous for signature desserts like cinnamon butter cake, truffles, brownies, jumbo cookies, and The Bomb (a devilish combination of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and cheesecake brownie) — will now deliver its desserts to your doorstep, anywhere from Coral Gables to California.

Just place an order online and sit pretty while the treats come to you; it’s the newest, easiest way to indulge your grown-up sweet tooth.

And the first improvement on trick-or-treating in a long time.

Icebox Cafe, 1657 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach (305-538-8448 or iceboxcafe.com).