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2 Live Karu

Hank: Man, that Don Quick-sote, I don’t know about all them men in tights, but that was a dang good show.

Misty: It’s Qee-ho-tee, Hank. There’s our Benz.

Hank: Whooee! You didn’t tell me we got a Benz. You struck Black Gold and didn’t tell me?

Misty: No, Hank, Karu&Y opens tonight, and they’ll send a Benz from their fleet to pick you up from the performing arts center.

Hank: Heck, that’s mighty nice of ’em. That thing got a Hemi?

Misty: I don’t know, Hank. Let’s just go eat. The food and ambience are supposed to be impeccable. I can’t wait to try the octopus carpaccio and see the staff’s uniforms: They were created by a local designer.

Hank: That dude who got in a fight with Axl Rose?

Misty: No, Dulce de Leche. Anyway, if we’re in the mood, we can hit Y — the lounge — afterward.

Hank: Now you’re talkin’. I could go for a High Life right about now. What’s Karu mean, anyway?

Misty: It’s an aboriginal word for “eating.”

Hank: Well, shoot, that’s what I’m fixin’ to do.

Karu&Y, 71 Northwest 14th Street (305-403-7850 or karu-y.com).

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71 NW 14th St
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