On the Downlow

Name: Susie Diaz
Date: October 13, 2026
Grade: 7
Teacher: Mr. Bartholomew
Subject: History

How One Store Changed Downtown Miami

Twenty years ago, Miami was really different. People listened to music on things called “CDs,” and downtown was so lame. The only people who went there were boring lawyers and bankers who had to work there.

Then one day, a lady and her friend, who both loved clothes, opened their own store. They called it Juni Boutique, and instead of picking a spot that had lots of other stores like theirs — like South Beach or Biscayne Boulevard — they chose downtown.

They painted the store pink and filled it with outfits and jewelry you couldn’t find at Dadeland, handbags made from old car seat fabric, and pretty vintage (old stuff that still looks good) dresses and sunglasses.

Soon it became the place where all the cool people wanted to go, and lots of new stores began to open. Downtown has definitely changed for the better.

But if you run out of money when you’re shopping, don’t worry: The bankers are still there.

Juni Boutique, 213a Northeast Second Avenue, Downtown (305-995-5078).