Carolina on My Mind

You’ll admit you’ve been known to theme dress on occasion. Kimono top to the Japanese Gardens. Beret at the French Film Festival. Moccasins for that canoe whittling class.

Add Carolina K to your culturally diverse closet. The Argentine designer has created a collection inspired by Peru’s Inca Indians that won’t make you look as if you went buck wild at the Machu Picchu gift shop.

Bright stripes of turquoise, red, and pink accent her knit dresses and ruffled skirts, which fit like a glove and can go from an afternoon at the Lincoln Road flea market to drinks at the Standard in two shakes of a llama’s tail.

If you’re feeling daring, throw on one of the multicolored ponchos when temps plummet (to the 70s) and head to that new Peruvian restaurant.

You know, the one you’ve been dying to check out — but hadn’t a thing to wear.

Available at Oyuki, 919 Collins Avenue, suite 3, Miami Beach (305-722-0672).