Flower to the People

Sometimes you feel like a nut (or a whole cluster rolled in caramel and chocolate). But what about those days when you feel, oh, more like a flower? Or a fruit?

That’s when the candy man can’t help — but the Flower Man can.

Miami’s “Flower Man,” Michael Orkin, is the creator of Floral H20, a line of organic hydrosols (flower-, fruit-, and root-infused concentrations) he imports from a distillery in Maui. The drops not only transform ordinary, tasteless water into a delicious experience, but they also work on your woes.

Feeling unnerved? The Neroli drops, from the orange blossom, are light and sweet and one of several tension-releasing elixirs. Stomach or kidney woes? Give the cinnamon a whirl. Ready to get randy? Knock back a jasmine cocktail. Orkin is happy to suggest the perfect concoction, so you’ll have something better than sweets to reach for when the going gets tough.

Because candy may be dandy.

But flowers have power.

Floral H20 (305-758-0439 or florkin@bellsouth.net).