Great Chemistry

You once knew all the elements on the periodic table. The days of memorizing useless information are long gone (nutritional info on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s not included), but you’ll always have a soft spot for rubidium.

At Alchemist, you’ll find truly necessary elements — jackets, dresses, and more — to make you one fabulous compound.

Until now, the boutique was in humble temporary digs. But its new space sits snugly next to one of Lincoln Road’s 432 Starbucks and stocks the perfect formula for style success (that would be great brands).

Plop tired shopping companions on the Moooi Marcel Wanders-designed sofa and head to the racks for Clu, Mint, Jil Sander, Rick Owens, and Undercover by Jun Takahashi. In the jewelry case: vintage ’80s Chanel chains and bracelets. Try one on and fall in love.

You’d be a boron not to.

Alchemist, 438 Lincoln Road (305-531-4653).