Walk Like a Man

Dear Spot,

I was bummed that you didn’t call after we hung out (with all the butt sniffing I thought we had a bond).

Then Mom and Pops packed up and I freaked: not another week with Grams and Bob Barker reruns (dang his neuter encouraging).

But instead they dropped me off with Miami Pet Concierge. The place is run by Nicole Brown, exec director of South Florida’s Veterinarian Foundation.

Basically I spent the week trolling SoBe: walks, transportation, grooming, and play dates. (What up!?) Fido and Fluffy weren’t around, so Miami Pet Concierge hooked me up with pups they know. We hung at the park and at my crib. They even own a dog, Gus, who looks just like Benji. (Jealous?)

Brown and co. also take care of mail, recycling, and plants. Maybe if you’re cool, you can hump around next time.

Your bitch,

Miami Pet Concierge (305-773-3999 or miamipetconcierge.com).