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Raw Material

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Or head to new raw restaurant Lifefood Gourmet, where the fare is either uncooked or heated to no more than 115 degrees.

John Schott, the smart and healthy cutie behind the space, ensures the food is 100 percent sustainable and digestible. Originally from Colombia, he studied with nutrition guru David Jubb in New York and can talk at length about bananas and cashews (both no-nos), quinoa, flaxseed, millet, Brazil nuts, and noni (all great for you).

The most important thing is that his nachos and pizzas (made with nut “cheeses,” “meats,” and “Alfredo sauce,” as well as loads of seeds and vegetables) taste incredible and will have you screaming for more.

Just try to keep your cool.

Lifefood Gourmet, 377 Southwest 15th Road, 2nd floor (786-523-9669 or lifefoodgourmet.com).

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1248 SW 22nd St
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