Bubbling Economy

You hose off in a whore’s bath, let it mellow if it’s yellow, and haul jalapenos in a hemp sack.

It’s go green or go home.

Now you can add to the list: Cut chemicals from your dry cleaning. Recently opened Ecolav makes being green easy by using degradable plastic bags (to cover garments), biodegradable solvent GreenEarth, and sustainable bamboo hangers.

Good for the world and good looking, too, Ecolav is more tranquil spa than hectic dry cleaner — the walls are lined with ocean images and TVs play the Planet Earth DVD. All services are done in a dust- and particle-free room, using a state-of-the-art machine (a.k.a. the Green Jet). Plus, prices are the same as you’ll pay at the old toxic joints.

When dropping off your dirties, check out organic products like Pangea skin care and Vermont goat’s milk soap.

Which you’ll need after harvesting your herbs.

Ecolav, 1451 South Miami Avenue (305-381-4446).