Upper Cut

In this corner, weighing in at ten frizzy pounds, we have Curly Hair.

In this corner, we have Vaso Spirou of the newly opened self-titled salon.

Vaso bends curls to her every whim. Known for her styling and highlighting prowess, she’s gone toe-to-toe with top models, who bow to her skills.

Curly was defeated in her last five bouts by Humidity. And, man, it was ugly. Salon Vaso is anything but: The black walls and silver-studded leather manicure chairs have a decidedly un-South Beach feel. The full-service salon also houses a small boutique. We expect nothing less from the Queens-born brawler, who designed the second-story space.

If things get hairy, Vaso’s got an ace up her sleeve: Salerm wheat germ straightener hits curls with a chemical-free one-two punch.

Ladies and gents, this fight is sure to end with a TKO.

Total knock out.

Salon Vaso, 1500 Alton Road, 2nd floor, South Beach (305-674-7470 or salonvaso.com).

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1500 Alton Rd
2nd flr
Miami Beach, FL 33139