Rolling Papers

Fritz: Dude, we’re out of papers.

Floyd: Then go to the quickie mart, Homeslice.

Fritz: No, not that kind. I have to send Grandma a thank-you card for that platypus-print sweater.

Floyd: Swing by the Upper East Side’s latest addition, LetterHeads. It’s a snazzy stationery shop with brands like Crane & Co., William Arthur, Envelopments, Mia Carta, and Haute. You can find thank-you notes, cards, gift sets, invitations, save-the-dates, and more.

Fritz: What if I have a particular design in mind? Like a dragon lighting a doobie with his fire breath?

Floyd: Then the in-house graphic designer can custom-make it for you. She also does logos and business cards.

Fritz: No way.

Floyd: Way. They’ve got killer wrapping paper, too.

Fritz: Write on, bro.

LetterHeads, 600 Northeast 72nd Terrace (305-751-4894).

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600 NE 72nd Terrace
Miami, FL 33138