A Doll’s House

You always wanted to be like Barbie.

No, it wasn’t a confused desire for Ken’s bulging, um, bulge. It was the disproportionate blonde’s swank digs. (Yup, the dream house decor really did it for the future HGTV lover in you.)

Harness the shabby chic look with girly furniture from Jen & Ale. Designed by a local husband-and-wife duo, the vintage-inspired pieces are recycled, refurbished, and painted by hand.

Entertain Skipper at a white scalloped-edge coffee table with a metallic gold border and flowers winding up the legs. Ken can update his Facebook profile at the Lorena desk, a lavender piece with a glossy aqua top. An assortment of colorful, dishwasher-safe tableware (cups, plates, cake platters) is decorated with flowers.

There’s also kids’ furniture like a blue toy chest adorned with a beetle crawling on a leaf.

Child sold separately.

Available online at jen-n-ale.com.