Spice Girl

Some might say that you like things spicy in the bedroom.

But that’s because they know you eat Mexican takeout in bed.

Put the spices where they belong with Indian cooking classes. Ayesha D’Mello teaches traditional dishes using ingredients like cumin seed and turmeric. The group lessons are held in her kitchen — or you can opt for a private session in your home.

Themed classes range from Vegetarian Delights to Seasonal Sensations. Each begins with a cooking demo revealing the secrets behind classic curries and fragrant basmati rice (you’ll get six to eight recipes to take home).

And they all end with a delicious sit-down feast from soup to nuts. Or in this case palak paneer (cheese with pureed spinach and spices) to sweet lassi (a chilled yogurt drink).

A huge meal? That’s quite the turn-on.

Ayesha’s Kitchen (