Roro Your Boat

The last time you stumbled into a warehouse, you had a glow stick on each arm and a lollipop in your mouth.

Not so for Liquica Anggraini. When the Indonesian designer came upon a warehouse filled with vintage frocks she was inspired to make clothes.

Her newest line, Radenroro (named after a title given to Indonesian royalty), has made its way stateside.

Had Marie Antoinette gone to a Factory party, she’d have worn the Kumala, a short shift with ruffles down the front. The Santi, a plunging halter mini feels ’80s glam in shimmery plum. And the gray, double-breasted Adinda dress, with its big white bow at the neck, looks like a well-tailored Alice in Wonderland ensemble.

The whole collection is a whimsical mix of cheery colors like orange, purple, silver, and teal.

You’ll want to give in to the ecstasy.

Available at Taj by Sabrina, 760 Ocean Drive, South Beach (305-761-6883); online at ravinstyle.com. To see styles, go to radenroro.com.