Scientific Method

Hypothesis: Wavy hair is possible.

Research: Mixed one part shampoo with two parts conditioner. Applied heat. Covered in two ounces of gloss.

Observation: Subject resistant to curls.

Solution: Leave the hair science to the team at Femme Coiffure Hair Spa, recently opened in The Ritz. More than a salon, the spa has technicians who pamper tresses with fancy technology and techniques from all over the world.

Method: Techs at Femme use lasers that increase circulation and encourage hair growth. A computer assesses the status of hair follicles and recommends treatments. Services include Japanese straightening, sun protection, and, of course, cuts and color.

Components: The spa uses French line Rene Furterer, meticulously crafted with oils and plants.

Environment: The space gleams with white lacquer and mod leather chairs.

Conclusion: Wavelength readings are off the chart.

Femme Coiffure Hair Spa, in The Ritz-Carlton, 103 Lincoln Road, South Beach (305-864-4400).

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103 Lincoln Rd
in The Ritz-Carlton
Miami Beach, FL 33139