Double Digits

Soon you’ll be known as a minx, thanks to the way you like to get nailed.

No, it’s not about your slam dunk with the Miami Heat (although kudos).

It’s because of Minx nail coverings. The jazzy film strips look just like polish, but cooler. They come in bold solids, eye-catching metallics, and snazzy prints — patterns include leopard, plaid, zebra, and fishnet. And since the coverings are applied with heat, they don’t need to dry.

Created in California, the clever concept is now being offered locally by Minx Miami. The mobile service decals your digits at home for $125 for fingers or toes. Not too steep, considering the attention-grabbing color can last four weeks and never chips. Plus, the price drops if you invite some pals.

You’re into the group thing.

Minx Miami (786-326-6463 or minxmiami.com).

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