Here’s Looking at You

Guys in Miami rarely notice your eyes. They tend to prefer the twins. Perhaps all you need is a good pair of falsies?

Miami Lashes can up your batting average with semipermanent synthetic extensions. After making house calls for about three years, owner A.J. Guerrero recently opened a Biscayne studio.

Choose from J- or C-shaped lashes (subtle vs. booyah) in a variety of lengths, and Guerrero will apply up to 200 extensions — one by one — bonding each fake lash to a real one in about 90 minutes. The plump result lets you ditch gobby mascara altogether.

You can even go Gaga (as in Lady) with Swarovski crystals and colored lashes. But know that beauty ain’t cheap: The eye-openers can run up to $600 and need to be touched up every month.

But they’re still the cheapest falsies in town.

Miami Lashes, 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, suite 613, Upper East Side (786-263-3984 or miamilashes.net).

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8101 Biscayne Blvd
ste 613
Miami, FL 33138