Play Balls!

Ralph Nader. Al Gore. The green movement never really turned you on.

Here to change that: Tulip Toy Gallery, an upscale sex shop specializing in healthy products.

The first women-owned “toy store” on South Beach, Tulip sells only playthings that are safe to put in your body — meaning nothing made of rubber or jelly (both contain phthalates and are prone to bacteria). Instead, it stocks green toys, like nonporous vibrators; paraben-free lube; and Pyrex dildos, which are made of handblown glass and retain water temperature. Also on offer: porn for women, erotica, condoms, and natural warming gels.

The upscale boutique looks more like a place you’d buy Louboutin than lube: Wood floors, crystal chandeliers, and upholstered chaises create a comfortable environment. And the unassuming staff is incredibly knowledgeable.

It’s sure to give you good vibrations.

Tulip Toy Gallery, 413 Espanola Way, South Beach (305-535-6661 or tuliptoygallery.com).

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413 Espanola Way
bt Washington & Drexel Aves
Miami Beach, FL 33139