Who Built the Electric Car?

Everything you know about trannies begins with RuPaul and ends with Chaz Bono. And internal combustion just isn’t gonna happen if you’re not in the mood.

But if ever there were an excuse to pop your hood, it’s the Miami EV Project. The grassroots green initiative aims to convert gas guzzlers to electric cars, one vehicle at a time.

Started by Danny Alva and Donato Helving, the project was initially smaller in scope. But after converting a car themselves, the smarty-pants team is taking commissions — and will pimp your ride for about $20,000 or less.

Choose a basic conversion or total ecomakeover (solar panels, salvaged interiors, the works). Either way, you’ll never again pay more than $1.50 per 40 miles. Say goodbye to the pump.

As well as that junk from your trunk.

Miami EV Project (miamievproject.com).