Running Water

You almost worked out yesterday. While sleeping at the pool, you dreamt that a giant tomato was chasing you. You ran till you were out of breath.

Continue your water workout with Aquabilt, the treadmill for lazy people.

Okay, we lied, it’s actually rigorous exercise. The aquatic treadmill (its technical name) goes right in the pool, lessening impact on knees and joints.

More cool facts: The motorless gadget is light enough to lift and super durable — so you can leave it in the pool year-round, and it won’t rust. And it’s the bright yellow found only on infomercial-worthy objects.

Plus, the makers claim the Aquabilt burns more calories than on-land running, which may be true: Your run is enhanced by water resistance.

Sounds like a wet dream.

Available online at aquabilt.com.