Civil Service

You thought all that civil mumbo jumbo only happened in Washington (and local school board meetings).

But Mr. Smith has come to Miami — in all his Americana glory.

Ladies and gentlemen, cast your vote for Civil Smith, the new line of classic casual wear. The small fall collection (reminiscent of Polo but with a modern edge) includes button-downs, leggings, hoodies, and tanks.

The long-sleeve shirtdress is lengthy enough to pair with tights and comes in white, black, and plaid. The drop-crotch leggings are just what they portend to be: a slouchy take on the original with pockets and a button fly. Also on hand: skinny knit pants, a tuxedo shirt with the requisite pleats, and a henley-style tunic.

The collection, all made of super-soft cotton, jersey, and knits, ranges in price $70-$170.

How civil.

Available at Atrium, 1931 Collins Avenue, South Beach (305-695-0757); online at anthropologie.com. To see styles, go to civil-smith.com

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1931 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139