Window to the Soul

fantasy shade!

One time when the light was just right (and you’d had five beers), the lot behind your apartment looked like the ocean.

Then your neighbor’s jalopy sailed through the horizon.

Exercise more control over your alternate reality with Fantasy Shades by artist Melissa Borrell. Her genius window covers use natural light to create silhouettes of trees and cityscapes — all while blocking out UV rays and unwanted heat.

So far she’s got cherry blossoms, a cluster of branches, and Roman umbrella trees, plus views of NYC and San Fran. If you don’t see what you want — or need a different size than what she offers — she’s also accepting custom requests.

It’s about time you had a room with a view.

Available online at supermarkethq.com. To see styles, go to melissaborrell.com. For custom orders, e-mail shades@melissaborrell.com.