Something New Under the Sun

Some folks claim that we Miamians don’t work hard.

But those people don’t appreciate the effort it takes to maintain an even tan line while balancing a laptop on your thighs.

Making your breezy lifestyle even easier: the CompUshade, a nifty device that shields your laptop from sun glare.

Gone are the days you were forced to sit under a tree to read e-mail. The — dare we say it — revolutionary CompUshade is basically a little tent for your computer that casts shade on the screen. It folds and attaches to the top of your machine, lying flat and undetectable until you need it. Then in less than 30 seconds — just watch the demo video! — it transforms into a three-sided sun shield, allowing you to be professional in your swim trunks.

Well, sort of.

Available online at compushade.com.