Fruits of Labor

mamalu wood!

Living in Miami long enough can make anyone a little bit fruity.

So you’ll appreciate Mamalu Wood’s shiny wood table accessories, which are shaped like apples, pears, and peaches.

Luis Gonzalez discovered his woodworking passion in Colombia while helping his sister with craft projects (aw). Now in his Miami workshop, he sculpts wood into fruit using a lathe. (Look it up. We did.)

Next comes the tricky part: The pieces all have a super-glossy shade (picture the apple that Snow White ate). Gonzalez uses just the right mixture of stain to achieve the color and then seals it with lacquer. He tops it off with a stem in wood or, to complete the shiny mod look, pewter.

The fruit come as singles, sets, or napkin holders, and can be paired with his handcrafted, wood-and-pewter stands.

Trust us; you’ll go bananas for them.

Available by phone order (305-905-6330) or e-mail at mamaluwood@mamaluwood.com. For more information, go to mamaluwood.com.