Don't Call Me Daughter

prodigal daughter!

Everyone makes such a fuss about the prodigal son.

He whores around, blows his cash, and, still, he’s all anyone can talk about.

But he’s about to be overshadowed by the birth of Prodigal Daughter. Designed by 23-year-old Joni Frazier, the nascent clothing line is sure to make a splash of biblical proportions.

The loose-fitting, silk-based separates offer a look that’s both sleek and slouchy. The black tube dress avoids being too short by being casually slack. (Plus who doesn’t love pockets?) Indulge in a two-cupcake lunch wearing the Daily Tank, a racer-back with a roomy cut. And the boatneck of the cocktail party-worthy button-sleeve dress falls off the shoulder nonchalantly.

All the pieces come in rich jewel tones like charcoal, cranberry, aubergine, and cobalt.

Perfect to accentuate your fatty calves.

Available at Unika, 3444 Main Highway, suite 2, Coconut Grove (305-445-4752); online at
revolveclothing.com. To see styles, go to prodigallife.com.

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