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chubby books!
Photos: Pinkghost

You’ve never been one for mainstream — except when it comes to the whole getting married thing, of course. Salmon with dill sauce, fondant, the little white chapel. Let’s consider the alternatives, shall we?

Page Against the Machine
You don’t want to stare at swirly fonts and flowers for months leading up to the big day. Pinkghost’s Chubby Books are the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding binder. Each book features work by a different pop artist — chosen by PG’s owners Paola and Andrea — on the cover and contains a calendar as well as plenty of pages for notes and magazine clippings.

lucky onion!R.S.V.Plant
A year after Cousin Brenda’s wedding, her two-pound Lucite invitation is an expensive doorstop. Buck the elaborate trend and head to new stationery shop Aileen Invitations. Owner Aileen Corcia stocks Lucky Onion’s Seeded Invites line. The simple yet adorable designs come on pulp paper embedded with natural flower seeds, so guests can “plant” your invitation.

Don’t Cater to the Masses
Just the idea of beef Wellington and green beans almandine gives you indigestion. You actually want to eat at your wedding (how novel). Metro Organic Bistro has the menu to make it happen. The chic little resto on the Upper East Side, which cooks with high-quality ingredients (grass-fed beef; free-range chicken; sashimi-grade, wild-caught salmon; organic veggies), also caters small events.

feverish ice cream!Let Them Eat Ice Cream
By the time the cake gets cut, people are busy busting a move, leaving you with barely eaten (expensive) slices of vanilla with amaretto filling. Feverish Ice Cream serves vegan, coconut milk-based, and fresh fruit ice cream, which comes from local sources and is wrapped in ecofriendly packaging. It also donates a portion of its proceeds to nonprofits.

awarehouse!Give Us Some Space
The beach in Miami, how cliche. And sandy. While you enjoy Sundays by the shore, you’re an urban girl at heart. Take the wedding party — and party — to Wynwood’s new indoor/outdoor venue, The Awarehouse. The multimedia event space is designed to house everything from art exhibits and concerts (there’s a stage!) to open-air movies on the lawn.

Live and Let Dye
The last time you dyed an article of clothing involved a bucket, a Hanes tee, and some Rit. But you’re all for squeezing a few more wears out of that silk gown — instead of saving it for your imaginary (ungrateful) daughter. Take your dress to Sara Mique and get it dyed (and shortened), so you can wear it all kinds of places — like your daughter’s wedding.

A lovely alternative.

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Photos: Courtesy of Pinkghost; courtesy of Lucky Onion; courtesy of Feverish Ice Cream; courtesy of Jipsy.

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