Fabricated Story

romina heighes!
Photos: Alfonso Vega

Detective Slick Spade put his feet up. Look at this mug, he thought, taking in the sad sack in his office.

He was about to write him off as someone’s cuckolded rube until she walked in the door.

She was no ordinary dame; he could tell by her dress. It was by Romina Heighes, a high-end designer in Magic City who’d worked for Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Carolina Herrera — quite a ragtag crew.

The gumshoe had eyed Heighes’s work before: skirts, tops, jackets, and dresses in silk (both chiffon and organza) with intricate embroidery like flowers and bows. This babe wore a lemon yellow gown with a plunging neckline, clearly custom couture from Heighes’s new Pinecrest atelier.

He wondered what else the dame was hiding in her closet.

To see styles or make an appointment, go to rominaheighes.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Alfonso Vega