Down in the Dump

green genius!

OMG. Did you see the size of her cans? And what about the hair balls? You know it’s all over the papers.

We’re just talking trash. Yes, about your garbage.

Can you believe those bags you currently use to hold rubbish take a thousand years to biodegrade, if ever? True story. It’s time you get in bed with the Green Genius, a line of sturdy waste holders that are edible by microbes (plastic is not).

The team invented a new bag by combining plastic with an additive that bonds organic nutrients to the plastic’s molecular structure, miraculously turning the evil material into sugars, fatty, and amino acids while it sits in the landfill.

And wouldn’t ya know, microbes are seriously hot for these embedded nutrients, causing a full-on feast to occur until the bag is going, going, gone.

Talk about a hot mess.

Available online at
greenhome.com. For more information, go to thegreengenius.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Green Genius