Isn't It Organic?

mindful organics!
Photos: Mindful Organics

Cook. Exercise. Recycle. Volunteer. Oh, the things you’d do more of (or, um, at all) if you had the time.

Cut the crap and go see holistic nutritionist Ginny Simon, who’ll shoot down your excuses. Through her new company, Mindful Organics, she teaches clients how to make more natural food choices.

The program begins with an individual consultation, where she analyzes your menu preferences and schedule. Then she proffers customized tips on what to eat and how to fit the prep into your day-to-day.

Don’t know where to shop or what to buy? Figure it out during Organics 101, her guided tour of local markets. Hate veggies? Learn about juicing during the Mindful Mornings seminars. Can’t cook to save your life? Take a class by yourself or in a group.

Just don’t say you didn’t get the memo.

Mindful Organics (305-972-6073 or mindfulorganics.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Mindful Organics