Fillet of Soul

forrest pilates!
Photos: Forrest Pilates

Your idea of soul-searching is eating fried chicken while listening to James Brown.

But perhaps your soul prefers something less carby?

Introducing Theta Healing by Maria Forrest, owner of Forrest Pilates. The hour-and-25-minute session helps release all those annoying hang-ups you were born with (like your mama’s thighs) or accumulated through the years (like your self-esteem issues).

The healing is performed while Forrest is in a meditative state and using theta brain waves. She scans your body for energy blocks that might be holding you back — from wants like love or money — and releases them (with your permission).

Part of the process involves piecing fragmented parts of your soul together again. We know how it sounds but promise: It’s more subconscious therapy session than new-age hippie crap.

And in the end, you’ll feel soul patched.

Available at Forrest Pilates, 936 Northwest Ninth Court, Downtown (305-606-2448 or forrestpilates.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Forrest Pilates

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