A Home Run

Photos: Courtesy of Gretel

Hansel (a budding architect) and Gretel (a style director) were on a walk-and-talk brainstorming session in the woods when they came upon a little house.

Upon inspection, Hansel determined the building was made of candy. He began stuffing his face with sugar bricks (it was past lunchtime), while Gretel peeked through the windows. She was horrified by the gingerbread crown molding and chairs made from the fragile bones of children. How tacky.

The homeowner, a total witch, wouldn’t listen to pleas for high design. But Gretel made an offer the hag couldn’t refuse — access to her new Miami-based online boutique.

Together they ordered bold Donna Wilson blankets, Danish ceramic bowls, and a fancy Muuto candelabra. The old lady got handmade serving pieces, wild Rosenthal vases, and global textiles. Gretel walked away with a fattened wallet.

And, happily, no one got burned.

Available online at
gretelhome.com. Gretel Take Away, through December 24, Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., at F Factory, 191 Northeast 40th Street, Design District.

Photo: Courtesy of Gretel

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