Funky Town

Photos: Funkemotions

You wanted to relive your wild days, frolicking with a 19-year-old race car driver, fondling his toys.

Well, here comes speed racer Richard Philippe, the young entrepreneur behind Funkemotions, a new tchotchke-filled shop.

Make a pit stop at the hipster sanctuary filled with irony-laden kitsch (Keel’s multiple-choice diary, a molar-shaped toothpick holder, metallic blue disco piggy banks) that make cheeky gifts.

Soup up your home with a minimalist wall calendar designed by Pieter Woudt for Kikkerland, Taschen’s The Big Penis Book, or novelty kitchen goods like a bowl lined with a photo of tortilla chips. For Japanophiles: geisha-like momiji dolls with tiny hiding places.

The Wynwood store also has a fully functioning e-commerce site.

If you don’t want to rev your engine.

Funkemotions, 2312 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood (305-571-8495 or funkemotions.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Funkemotions

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2312 N Miami Ave
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